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Medicine Cabinet - FDA PSA

This PSA warns of the dangers of leaving opioid medications in places where they can be misused by family members - and how to dispose of them properly. Produced in association with IQ Solutions and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It has been widely distributed through a nationwide media campaign




Produced this recruitment PSA for the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF), a highly specialized Marine Corp unit that is trained to respond to the most deadly chemical, biological, radiological and high yield explosives attacks anywhere in the country and across the globe.


Run. Hide. Fight. - FBI PSA


Produced for the FBI, this :30 spot is designed as a teaser to draw viewers to the larger 4 ½ minute story (winner of 3 Emmy Awards) of a gunman opening fire in a restaurant and learning how each of the protagonists survives by Running, Hiding, Fighting, or ‘Stopping the Bleed.’

Scammer Awareness - Federal Student Aid

This video is intended to make Federal Student Aid borrowers aware of scammers who target them with schemes to collect fees for services that FSA provides for free. The video is intended to run on the Dept of Education website, social media, and through other loan servicers, state Attorney General offices, and borrower advocacy group sites.




Produced for the Department of Labor, this PSA integrates colorful graphics and live-action to deliver information on subsidies for COBRA health insurance in a positive and easy-to-understand style. The spot was delivered in Spanish and 15 other foreign languages.


US Army - Off-Duty Safety Awareness "Pedestrian"


This is one of a series of darkly humorous spots we produced for the U.S. Army. They desired to change the behavior of young Soldiers, many of whom get into accidents or meet an untimely death when they take time off during the summer. Each rather shocking piece ends with the tagline “This Was No Accident.”

Prepare to Survive

This spot shows the public how to look for escape routes and survive a mass casualty incident. Filmed in an empty Synagogue, it tells a compelling story without giving any ‘fuel’ to potential perpetrators of these crimes who might view it. Produced for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Essential Workers - Essential Protections - DOL PSA


This PSA highlights the contributions made by essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and the protections and resources that the Department of Labor provides to them. It has been widely distributed through a nationwide media campaign.




Rocket produced this PSA for the iWATCH Army program. It informs the Army community what suspicious activity looks like. The spot uses the example of an unmarked package and reminds witnesses to contact local military police or law enforcement if they see anything suspicious.




This PSA helps explain the Veterans Retraining and Assistance Program to unemployed vets.


Foundation for Women's Cancer PSA


This spot was produced to help generate attendance and funds for the National Race to End Women’s Cancer in Washington, DC.


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